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Lifestyle Session | Santa Clarita, CA | Welcome to the world Colton!

Ready or not, here I come!  Chris & Breanne were as prepared as they could be for Colton's arrival, but a house fire 2 1/2 weeks prior forced them to move out of their home & move in with family.  And while a C-section was scheduled due to Colton being breech, he apparently wanted to meet Mommy & Daddy early & sent Mommy into labor several days prior.

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My Papa

This is my Papa.  And he’s gone.  My phone rang last night at 9:30pm & it was my Mom.  It’s rare for my Mom to call much past 8:00pm, so I knew it must be something important.  My 8 month old nephew was going into surgery this morning so I assumed that must be what the call was regarding.  “Papa just passed.”  I was in shock.  It was sudden.  It was unexpected.  We are told it was painless.  If only the loss, grief & mourning could be the same.

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