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What to Look For When Hiring Your Wedding Coordinator | AKA Not all Coordinators are Created Equal

Being in the wedding industry for the past 6 years has taught me many things. One of them being that not all coordinators are created equal. There is a HUGE disparity in what wedding coordinators do & what they consider their role to be. I’ve worked with many coordinators … some who are an absolute godsend & others who I honestly couldn’t tell what they were “coordinating”.

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Top 3 Posing Tips | How to Work Those Angles

We all know the feeling. It’s been forever since you’ve had professional photos taken. You’re WAY overdue when you realize that you don’t even recognize the people in the most recent photos you have. FINALLY convince your husband that it’ll be worth the investment & that “it’ll be fun” (‘cause let’s be real … NO husband EVER looks forward to photo shoot day, am I right?!)

Since you know it will probably be awhile until your next photo session, you feel extra pressure for everyone to look their best. That’s where I come in. Today I’m giving you my top 3 posing tips to help you achieve the most flattering photos that you’ll all love for years to come.

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