Sunstone Winery | Santa Ynez Couple's Session |Michael & Tiffany

The Vision

As a photographer I always stress the importance of documenting life.  I emphasize the value of capturing the fleeting moments that memories are made of.  Yet somehow it's so easy for me to get caught behind the lens rather than in front of it.  So I finally decided to stop being a hypocrite & prioritize documenting my life, my loved ones & the things that contribute to making my life incredible.  Thanks to Ashleigh & Erik Fine Art Photography & Sunstone Winery, my fiance to be, Michael & I finally have some professional photos of us!  (no, we're not engaged yet ... I promise I'll be very clear about that announcement).

The Location

Sunstone Winery & Villa are insanely stunning.  It's beautiful & classic, elegant & romantic.  It's filled with windows & natural light.  In short, it's basically every photographer's dream.  So when I saw that Erik was hosting mini-sessions at the Villa I was thrilled & knew we couldn't miss out on this opportunity.

The Images