Montana Travels | Girls Trip

The Details

This trip is one for the record books.  The older I get, the more I learn how important it is to take time for yourself.  Getting super sick last year & ending up hospitalized for a month was a wake up call for me.  When we're feeling exhausted, burnt out, & in need of inspiration & motivation, be kind to yourself & take a day, a weekend, or whatever you can afford to be refreshed.  Your entire outlook on life will change when you give yourself a moment to step away from the chaos of life.  I used to think it was selfish to "take care of myself", however I'm learning that I am able to take care of others better when I do.  I'm more grateful & patient, I'm more kind & attentive, I'm more determined & focused.  If you haven't been to Montana, I highly recommend it!  The change of pace was so peaceful & serene, not to mention the landscape was absolutely breathtaking.  We were very ambitious this trip & decided that we wanted to see both Yellowstone & Glacier National Park.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the size of Montana & the distance between these two places, let me just say, it was quite a feat!  We spent several 12+ hour days in the car driving all over the state.  And while we may have been advised against it by those more familiar with the distance, we were SO glad we did it.  We were definitely exhausted by the end of the trip, but we made memories that will last a lifetime.  If I'm being honest, I don't even remember the last time I took a girls trip, but I will definitely be taking them more often!  

The Location

Literally EVERY time I told someone I was going to Montana, their immediate response was, "MONTANA??!!  What's in Montana??!!"  THIS is what's in Montana ... Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, wild horses, bison everywhere, wide open fields, hot springs, gorgeous golden light ... I could go on & on, but I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

The Images